Vegetable plants now in stock including the grafted vege
Vegetable plants now in stockincluding the grafted vege

Pots, Containers & Tools


Gardening doesn’t have to involve the ground and even the smallest of spaces can be turned into an oasis. At Twin Locks we have an extensive range of pots from traditional terracotta to a wide variety of glazed terracotta, some of which are William Morris Arts and Crafts design.   If you fancy something different try our fibre clay pots.


When it comes to containers the sky really is your ceiling, supports structures can offer height and extra-large pots enable you to bring shrubs and trees into your space.  Because we offer such a wide variety of shapes and sizes you can rest assure that you will go home with a pot that is fit for purpose! 


Gardening can be physically hard, we stock a great range of high quality tools that will make life easier when it comes to the hard graft. 


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