Vegetable plants now in stock including the grafted vege
Vegetable plants now in stockincluding the grafted vege


The sense of winter is really starting to settle in now and with that work in the garden also shifts.  Time spent outside may become more limited due to weather conditions and day light hours.  Winter is also a time for us as people to recharge our batteries, eat hearty food some of which maybe home grown.  If we followed the ebb and flow of the seasons and lived more in line with nature would we feel more in balance?  Something to ponder!


Before you hibernate there are some garden tasks that will pay dividends come spring.  November is a good time to feed your lawn, the best approach to take for this is removing dead leaves first and any grass which has died off.  Moss can be a challenge for those of you who like a perfect lawn and now is the time to tackle it.  While you might find the furry growth frustrating, it is nature’s way of letting you know that your lawn needs some attention.


There are some common triggers that encourage the growth of moss; poor drainage is one of them.  Any areas which become waterlogged are at risk of becoming hotspots for moss.  Soil which is lacking in nutrients or has been cut too low and worn in places by plenty of use can also be a leading cause.  Aerating is a quick solution to this combined with a good feed.  We stock a wide range of lawn care and moss control products that will see you in good stead for winter.   This can be handy for driveways, paths and any other garden areas.  Paths can get slippery quickly at this time of year; Algon is our preferred ‘go to’ solution for this.  The team at Twin Locks are happy to advice on the best approach to your gardening problem, pop in and ask.  We would also value your own solutions that have been tried and tested, feel free to add them on our comments section of the website.

Plants still need care at this time of year.  Once all leaves are shed it can naturally be easier to see what needs pruning, separating or in some cases, fully removing.  Having the right tools for the task is important, and where applicable these should be sharp and up for the job.  Look after your tools and they will look after your garden!


With Christmas around the corner we stock a fantastic range of gardening hardware, not just for adults but for little people who are aspiring horticulturalists.   It’s never too soon or too late to pick up a spade and nurture your surroundings. 



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