Vegetable plants now in stock including the grafted vege
Vegetable plants now in stockincluding the grafted vege


As we wave goodbye to autumn and welcome in winter our attention often turns to Christmas and focusing on what the next year holds.   December can be a time for reflection, a time to consider the joys of the year which is about to close.  If we turn our thoughts to how we have nurtured the garden, planted, moved, pruned and even feasted on the fruits and vegetables that we have so diligently cared for, what would you say were your prominent moments of gardening bliss? 


The team at Twin Locks have also reflected on this, we too have our heart singing moments.  When we received a large delivery there is a real pleasure in creating displays that can give you, our customer’s ideas on how to make the most of your oasis.  For Harris who works on a weekend, it’s the pure abundance of colour during the height of the season that he finds a true feast for the senses.  Martin, the founder of Twin Locks thrives on stocking new plants; this year has seen us expand our range of standards, all of which have been popular.  The heady scent of roses and the amount of care that goes into keeping them looking their best most certainly keeps us occupied.  All months matter and while Mother Nature rests us, as a team look at ways to pass this onto you.


Don’t put your feet up just yet; December still requires your outside attention.  Now is a good time to insulate outside taps to prevent damage during periods of hard frost.  Making sure you have fleece to hand for half hardy perennials, shrubs and fruit trees is a must.  Pruning apple and pear trees now will help next year’s growth and encourage a healthy crop.  Branches that are crossing over or have become too congested will benefit from being opened up.  Planting and transplanting trees and shrubs can take place now, however, do taking into account the potential for high winds and stake them well!  Leeks, parsnips and the all essential sprouts can be harvest now, after all what is Christmas dinner   without sprouts?       


Houseplants need less water at this time of year.  You really can reduce this this down substantially since they become dormant from now until spring.  Resisting the temptation to continue your watering routine is a must, otherwise the result will be mould, root rot and ultimately the bin! The signs of overwatering are the same as under watering; the leaf will turn yellow and brown.  Test the soil with your finger; it should only have a light dampness to it.  If you plant does need a drop of water, do so from the bottom, but refrain from letting it stand in this for too long.  With all houseplants the balancing act is a fine one.

Whatever your plans for December, we hope you stay warm, dry and that we get to assist you in picking your Christmas tree!

Merry Christmas from all at Twin Locks.


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