Plug plants have arrived, which means spring is almost here!
Plug plants have arrived, which means spring is almost here! 


October is a busy month in the garden.  Leaves are falling, animals are starting to settle down for winter and plants are getting ready to recharge their batteries.  Our work is not done though, so don’t lock the shed up just yet!


Now is a good time to cut back roses and any of the cottage garden perennials that might be hanging on.  Harvest the last of the decorative seed heads before their final big chop and give lavender a trim since now is the last chance before the hard frost comes.  Rosemary often responds in the same way as lavender, take the opportunity  to hang dry any offcuts; these can be used for adding aromatic flavours into hearty stews, soup and roasts.   For plants which are tender or half hardy, consider having fleece on hand to protect them over winter.  We supply this by the meter.


Fruit bushes that have provided a delightful harvest of berries can now be thinned and pruned back, the payback for this next year will be worth it.  Hedges and lawns should have their final haircut and grass areas will benefit from fallen leaves being removed, composted and used as leaf mould.  Bulbs can be planted now in readiness for spring.    Hellebores, cyclamen, winter flowering Jasmin, wall flowers, violas and pansies will add a splash of colour at a time when the garden may need it.  We have a great stock to set your autumn garden off to a good start.


Using well-rotted manure to enrich soil will support plants and root systems through winter resulting in stronger spring growth.  Don’t forget… it must be well rotted, if you think that wandering the rural lanes in hopes for droppings is a good idea you could be in for a shock.  Manure has to go through a process otherwise your garden could pay the price.  With the potential of pesticides being used and disease it is best not to gamble on looking after your plants.  We carry high quality manure that will deliver good results.    


For those of you who have ponds, October is a good time to clear out leaves and fallen debris before winter sets in.  This will prevent a sludge build up and keep any pump systems in better working order.  We sell netting and coverings which are sold by the metre.    


Most of all enjoy those autumn days, reap the final rewards that nature has to offer and bask in the colours!  

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