Vegetable plants now in stock including the grafted vege
Vegetable plants now in stockincluding the grafted vege


October is a busy month in the garden.  Leaves are begining to fall, animals are starting to get ready to hybernate for winter and plants are begining to look past there best. Our work takes on a whole new look for this particular season.


  1. Cut back roses
  2. Cut back Hebaceous Perennials that are dying back.
  3. Cut back Lavender
  4. Clean out any debris from ponds, leave on the edge for a week though for any beasties to crawl back into the pond.
  5. Bring indoors any half hardy plants such as Citrus or Canna liles that definitely won't survive our winters, possibly even cover with fleece.
  6. Its the final cut of the season for lawns & hedges
  7. Rake up any leaves from paths or lawns, these can added to the compost heap area and turned into leaf mould.
  8. Spring flowering bulbs can be still be planted.
  9. Plant onion & garlic sets now.
  10. Thin out your fruit bushes and cut out the 3 D's (Dead, Dieased or Damaged).
  11. Once the first frost comes is the time to plant your bareroot fruit bushes and bare root hedging packs.
  12. Add colour to your garden with winter flowering pansies, cyclamen, hellebores and more.
  13. Dig in manure to your allotment, beds or borders. Adding nutrients back in to the soil.
  14. Alternatively sow green manure now to lock in nutrients to the ground that would be lost to heavy rainfall.


Most of all enjoy those autumn days, reap the final rewards that nature has to offer and bask in the colours!

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